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Methylene Dichloride (CH2Cl2)

Methylene Dichloride (MDC) Structure

Methylene Dichloride Structure

Product Specifications

Scientific Name Dichloromethane
CAS No. 75-09-2
Chemical Formula CH2Cl2
Synonyms Dichloromethane, Methylene chloride, Methylene bichloride, Freon 30, Chlorocarbon, Methane Dichloride, MDC, and DCM.
Pack Sizes 0.8 kg, 33 kg, 265 kg, and bulk orders.
Form Liquid
Quality Pure
Application Solvent, Paint Stripping, Adhesive, and Pharmaceutical.
Brand Indian
H.S. Code 29031200
Appearance Clear, colourless, volatile liquid.
Solubility Sparingly soluble in water, miscible with ethanol (96%).
Packaging Type To be supplied in MS drums / SS containers / HDPE containers /HM - HDPE containers and Glass bottles.

About Purosolv

Purosolv is one of largest chemical supplier and manufacturer in India. Our company manufacture all range of chemicals; also high-quality Methylene Dichloride (MDC) through the chlorination of methane or the direct chlorination of methyl chloride which is an extremely efficient and environment friendly processes. We also provide Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Dichloride, which is used in a development of various medicines such as pain relievers, antibiotics, etc. This Grade Methylene Dichloride contribute to the safety and efficacy of the final medicinal products. We provide acetone in order quantities of 0.8 kg, 33 kg, 265 kg, and can be customized for bulk orders.

Handle with Care: Methylene Dichloride (CH2Cl2) is a colourless liquid which has a sweet, penetrating, ether-like smell. It is a volatile liquid chlorinated hydrocarbon. Please take precautions before handling.

Usage: Methylene Dichloride is extensively used as a solvent in pharmaceutical manufacturing for its effectiveness in extracting and processing various active pharmaceutical ingredients. It is used in formulation, paint remover manufacturing, etc.

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